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It is another writing service one can get to see floating around the Internet daily. It provides with dissertation, thesis, essay, assignment, coursework accomplishment. It is designed in a simple minimalistic way, which makes it easy to use and fast-paced due to not that many of graphic images. There are neither audio no video materials so if you hate reading, you are unlucky here :)


There is quite wide range of services and professional content writing assistance is guaranteed. Students would appreciate the excellent customer service and this website provides with some. Support team works well and receive orders in a blink of an eye. There is a chat live option available; it was offline though when I wanted to apply with a query.


Best prices are guaranteed by the service but I did not see anything like that placing an order. There is no discount system available, which would save the situation. The writers are supposed to be skilled, professional and efficient but none of a kind was noticed either. I found a few glitches within my coursework and dissertation afterwards.

Quality of paper

There is no assurance of quality, satisfaction and success. I was hoping for those to be catered by the service but I guess I am not that lucky. There are consulting and editing services provided also but when I was striving for an advice, I did not receive anything I could use at least something to only vaguely resemble a tip.

Policy of price

There is no table of prices available but some sort of a price calculator while placing an order. A customer provides with order details and in accordance with what is required, it is possible to get the calculated price for the service. I do not really like such a system of pricing because I prefer to know it clearly and it is impossible to get where they take the rates from, basing on what. Go to Custom Essay ws where everything is clear from head to toe.

Order details

Click order now and you will get to see an application form to fill in in order to place your order. There is nothing extraordinary about the form. You need to type in your personal information let alone information upon your order request and you will get calculated how much to pay for the order in the exact same tab.


I wish I could recommend this website for further usage but I am afraid I am unable to due to its rates, which are far from affordable, quality, which is far from satisfying; in addition, the service is a bit confusing at navigation. There is no standard dashboard for easier using, which makes it to where it irritates even more. Well, at least there is no advertisement otherwise, it would be a disastrous experience.

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