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It has always been difficult for me to choose a good writing service for the performance of my written papers and other home assignments. Very often when I was ordering papers online, they were really bad. I mean that they were written poorly and contained a lot of grammatical and lexical mistakes. Each time I was very disappointed and felt sorry for the amount of money I wasted. This time I decided to look for a writing service fluently. So, when I entered this site, I decided to look through testimonials. They appeared to be rather positive and it was mentioned that this site is really professional. As I understood further, don’t believe all those testimonials from the site, because they are faked. Also, I requested sample materials and received them the next day. They looked really nice, so that I decided to make an order. In addition, you are guaranteed to receive:
• aligned formative assessments
• professional hand-scored essay services
• numerous data and reporting tools
• lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, videos, and annotated essays to pinpoint instruction

Price Policy

The next very important step is the pricing. If you need to find out the price, you will have to request a quote and the answer will be delivered in one day. It seems to be rather suspicious, as other sites have set price lists and they can easily be seen in a separate field. My home assignment on Literature cost me $180. Deadline was in two days.

Quality of paper

Well, I received my paper in two days and decided to check it on plagiarism. It showed 5%. I understand that it is insignificant, but our professor is very strict, so it would be better for my paper not to contain it at all. So, even after the second revision percentage was the same. I was already angry, as I had no time left.


As a result, I had to correct the paper by myself and I guess that it is inappropriate, because I have paid quite a lot of money for this service and expected to receive good result, as it was promised by the company. I understood that they were lying, in order to attract customers. Also, all those testimonials were created by the company too, I suppose, because I didn’t manage to write bad review on their site, as it was not published. Never use this service, as they are real cheaters. As a good alternative I can offer you Essay For Me services.

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