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The name WOW writing workshop sounds really astonishing. It is a nice way to attract new clients, who are eager to receive help by making an order. When you here “Wow!” it means that something great or super cool has happened. The same thing I expected to happen to me when I was going to enter the university. The head of the committee asked me to write an essay, which was going to decide my faith. Two variants were possible: whether I am writing a perfect essay and enter this university, or I am writing a bad essay and look for another university or college. I was given one day only.

Price policy

When I came home I understood that I am so nervous, that I won’t be able to write a good essay. I decided to order it on this web site. When I looked at the prices, I couldn’t believe my eyes: single essay review – $149 and singe essay review with rush fee (24 hours) – $199. I have never seen such high prices in my whole life! The only thing that convinced me to make the order is that I needed my perfect essay as soon as possible. I think that this site is created for rich people, who can pay any sum of money. I am not one of them, but I had no choice.

Quality of Support

I was using such service for the first time, so I didn’t know what fields to fill in and what should be written there. I decided to contact the support team and ask for help. Admin responded me in a few minutes and told me that he doesn’t know how to help me. I became angry, because this person was working for this site and didn’t even know anything about the simplest issues. I told him that I have paid almost $200 and he MUST help me. Admin told me that I am rude and that he will not help me. I was shocked. Under such stress I even forgot that there exist thousands of other essay writing services. I have paid for the order and started to wait. I was afraid that the writer will miss my deadline, so I asked the admin to make sure that he is working on the paper. Admin told me that everything is okay.

Quality of the paper

My paper was delivered two hours before the deadline. I decided to check it in order to know the answer if one of the members of the committee asks me something. The essay was not bad but I couldn’t say it was “WOW!”. I was a little bit disappointed, but at the same time I hoped that everything will be okay. When the members of the committee have read my essay, they told me that it was not perfect and that many ideas were rather old. In a few days, I received the letter in which it was written that my candidacy is not suitable for their university. I was in despair, and I was angry with the WOW writing workshop, which promised to write a perfect essay. In addition, I have paid a huge sum of money for the essay that has spoiled all my dreams!


After this situation I understood, that this web site is created to fool people. It promises to provide you with the best essay, but in fact it does nothing to fulfill the promise. Because of unprofessional writer, I didn’t enter the University of my Dream. Don’t believe these empty promises. I am sure that other sites are more professional, such as

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