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Description: I received less than expected. They corrected few mistakes and told me that my paper already was not bad. It’s just that it did not seem so to me.


On this website, you can order basically any type of academic papers. These guys can assist you in writing and in editing.
I think they should make their price calculator work faster because now it seems as if someone on their side is desperately trying to calculate the prices while you’re waiting; and that is why it takes so long.


Phone calls or email correspondence – you have to choose one of these contact methods. I did not see any opportunity to chat live with customer support. Live chat option would be really appreciated. Many websites in the industry use online chat to solve problems immediately.


Cost can greatly vary depending on options that you choose. I ordered editing service of my coursework. I needed them to return the paper in 48 hours. The price was $10.99 per page. That was very cheap. They also offered me proofreading by editor for $4.95 and plagiarism report for $2.95; in my understanding these two options are excessive when I order editing. Why do I need additional proofreading if an editor is already correcting the mistakes? And since I wrote my coursework by myself, I was sure it contained no plagiarism.


Different types of work require different amount of time to complete. As for editing, this company can provide such service even in 24 hours. But I also know that there are companies who can handle such task even in shorter period of time.


Well… I expected more… They corrected few mistakes and told me that my paper already was not bad. It’s just that it did not seem so to me. I expected the paper structure to be corrected and I also was not entirely satisfied with the flow of my coursework, so I wanted them to make better transitions. I don’t know… But when some time ago I ordered editing at Custom Essay Ws Company those guys made it the way I wanted; actually, I paid more for their service, but in the end it was worth it.


Just once again, I made sure that what seems as overcharge can actually make a difference in quality in the end. Next time I will opt for quality service instead of cheaper one.

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