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Ordering with this company is like playing Russian roulette: risky affair.


This website can become a very odd experience for you. There are many misprints on the website, as if the company does not care about what its visitors read. Some sections are really worthy of reading, because the information is presented in quite obscure and contradicting way (it’s just fun)… and at times, you get a feeling as if the content was written by a child. Definitely, the more you read, the more questions about the service you have.


While all the self-respecting websites do their best to support their customers using as many means as possible, on this website there is one and only way of communicating with support representatives: using contact form on the website. This fact speaks for itself.


Pricing plan deserves special attention. The cost mentioned in the pricing table is quite competitive; I would even say it’s lower than on most of the websites in writing industry. But! Somehow the price does not depend on type of service or academic level of the paper, the only factor that determines the cost is the deadline.
Besides, in several sections of the website it is clearly stated that the website provides the papers for free. And there is a mention that website will provide you with 3 pages of writing free of charge. It’s unlikely you will get clear explanation from support on this matter.
But one thing I can tell you for sure: you will have to pay to receive the papers written.


As it is stated on the website, you can receive the paper next morning the earliest. It’s no surprise, many website do this nowadays. The thing is that it’s not only about speed, but about the quality of papers too.


I have to admit, that I placed my order on the website, wanted to check how it all works. But in truth after reading several sections like FAQs and information in Student Center, I changed my mind and chose not to pay for the order. What kind of paper quality can I receive from a company that cannot even describe the cost of the services in clear way? And what am I to expect from support team that never answered my emails?


Do not fall for low prices and obscure promises to receive papers for free. In the end, you will have to pay the full price. It’s unlikely that you will get a response from support in a timely manner… if you get it at all. Ordering with this company is like playing Russian roulette: risky affair. However, someone may like it!

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