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This is academic writing service providing with writing academic papers and assignments for students. There is a blog available for your viewing. The design is very simple made in just few colors, which a green, blue and dark grey on the white background and it is okay at navigation though I expected there to be a standard dashboard available for easier navigation. There is a filter option and a search in accordance with what you need a freelancer or a project.


One may get one`s dissertation, thesis, essay, research or statement of purpose written let alone non-academic writings such as blog and articles. It is free to join the website. Register and post your assignment and you will get maximum help upon it. There is no advertisement popping out of nowhere just like no additional software required for viewing the content.


This business is currently for sale. If anyone is interested to buy it, there is a contact information, an email left for contacting. There is no discount system available. There is no live chat option to be able to get in touch with the service in case of any queries. I would add that and few more graphic images, samples and testimonials from grateful customers if any. I needed both, academic and non-academic writing when I applied for help. Both papers` delivery was expired and contained glitches thus the execution is far from perfect.

Quality of paper

Well, if to speak about academic writing, it was a dissertation I needed for my college and I have many regrets I asked this service for help because it was terrible. For a non-academic writing, I choose an article and its quality was far from perfect. I know it is an article but still, the quality is supposed to be good if not excellent as long as applying for help, which is to be professional and to pay money for this so-called writing.

Policy of price

There is no table of price. A visitor must register first, place an order and then the price for the service will be calculated, which makes it to where it is rather uncomfortable because it is time consuming to register, to calculate the price whilst it is much better for a service to have its policy of price clear, transparent and visible in a separate section on the dashboard. Custom Essay Writing Service org/ has it and many more. Look it up and see with your own eyes.

Order details

You may order by price, name or visits. It is no surprise that to make an order, one should register first. It is very uncomfortable system of using the service because far from everybody is to use it eventually but has to spend time on registration in order to view what is the most important basically – how to place and order and how much to pay for the service.


At first I thought the service to be pretty much okay but eventually I got to know all the inconveniences usage of the service is connected with. It is inconvenient to register in order to see the pricing for the services. Once you register and get to see the pricing, it wows you in a bad sense of the word like a tastelessly done garment would wow in a bad way the judges of runway project. The service obviously thought it has all the strings and know how to tug them but it has no guts.

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