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This is a consultation and writing kind of service providing help with dissertations, theses, assignments, course works, essays, manuscript and statistical analysis. Writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading and analytical services are offered. To get in touch, you may either choose a phone call or leave an email. There is also a search line to type in what you search for. There is also a standard panel with the following tabs: Home, Our Services, About Us, How We Work, Downloads, Tutoring, and Contact. You may follow the service on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. The design is quite simple. There is nothing extraordinary or unique about it. You may see a moving graphic image on its start page placed on just a white sheet of the background. In addition, there are relevant pictures for writing and rewriting, editing, proofreading, and analytical and services types of services. All the buttons seem to be working and no errors in spelling were noticed. There are research insights, journal articles and books available on biology (about a wet look at climate change, biological signal analysis, introduction to cancer biology, clinical biochemistry, scientific research projects, kinetics for bio scientist, data handling in biology, transport of biomolecules, molecular conformations, pharmacokinetics), computer science (about Access 2003 Macros, Excel 2003 Advanced, Outlook 2010, Photoshop, PowerPoint 2010, Project 2003, Publisher 2010, Viso 2007, Word, Frontpage-2003, iwork Pages), chemical (about advanced granulation theory, nonlinearity in control system, atmospheric pollution, wet look at climate change, biofuel technology, chemistry-math, concepts in electric circuits, electrically driven membrane, engineering mathematics book, heat transfer, hydrocarbons, hydrodynamic modelling, inorganic chemistry, polymer science and technology, modelling batch system, nano technology, pressure driven membrane, transport phenomena, wind turbines), economics (about accession to the wto part I,II; advanced macroeconomics, break even analysis, business cycles and financial crises, econometrics, geo-economics, globalization the Nordic success model I,II; innovation and small business volume I,II; digital signal and system analysis, macroeconomics-uk, macroeconomics exercises, overlapping generations model, stochastic growth model), finance (about international financial reporting, business and financial crises, corporate finance, advanced granulation theory, financial econometrics reviews, corporate valuation takeover, interest rates in financial analysis, digital signal and system analysis, theory financial analysis, portfolio theory financial analysis, probability for finance, strategic financial management, stochastic processes for finance, strategic financial management exercise book), healthcare (about biological signal analysis, introduction to cancer biology, clinical biochemistry, cognitive neuroscience), management (about business briefs, business information systems, corporate governance and international business, customer relationship management, defining corporate social responsibility, effective management decision making, fundamentals of supply chain management, hrm managing the human ressourceysis, innovation and small business, research methods, lean six sigma research and practice, management basics, management briefs, operations management, organizational theory, project leadership part I,II; project management, quality management, law and commercialization, stochastic finance, strategic financial book, studying strategy, trends in business information, trends solutions, understanding organizations), marketing (about Berliner balanced scorecard, Berliner balanced scorecard customer, customer relationship management, developing an Internet marketing strategy, email marketing, Internet marketing, introduction to research methods, marketing research an introduction, marketing research exercise book, media and cultural theory, strategic marketing), personality development (advanced communication skills, assertiveness, career secrets exposed, effective communication skills, effective discipline, emotional intelligence, ignition of one`s career, managing stress, managing one`s career, maximizing one`s potential, motivation skills, networking English, overcoming perfectionism, perfect presentations, personal confidence and motivation, strategies to fight exam stress achieve success, successful public speaking successful time management, art effectiveness, thinking skills, working abroad, working abroad European perspectives), statistics (about statistics compendium, statistics exercise book, statistics for business and economics, statistics for health life and social sciences, stats practically short and simple), career (about an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, creating one`s cv as a self-marketing tool, demystifying case interviews, essential job searching tools, graduate emp. finding jobs, interview secrets exposed, Mba education, planning on new opportunities, resume secrets exposed, fastest job interview, time to get thired), strategy (about company valuation share price, company valuation takeover, operations strategy, corporate exercises, thinking strategically) and Revman, Epi_Info_7, R-3.1.3-win, StatalQT and SYSSTAT software in the Downloads tab. This website does not supply identity information.

Order details

In order to make an order, go to How We Work tab. Then you will get to see Order Now section pressing the button of which, you teleport to Contact Us tab with a field set. What you do next is type in your name, email ID, contact number, submission date, by whom referred, subject, verification entering any two digits you like and submit. There are also location, contact information and a map of the service so the visitors could see clearly, where the service office is located.

Policy of price

I do not see neither pricing list nor price calculator, which makes it to where I feel rather confused and not quite sure as for the service, whether I can trust it and apply for help on here. I would feel more safe if there was a tab with a pricing so every other visitor entering the site, could check it and see for him/herself whether it is worth of it and whether they can afford it or not.


There are testimonials available for your view so you could see for yourself whether the service is worth of applying for help. It is very good but one never knows how and whether it is objective. The range of services seems to be quite big and there is no advertisement, which is irritating and distracting. There are also online virtual classes available for anyone who wants and feels like it. You can get to see publication samples of the papers offered by the site`s services.


The biggest disadvantage is probably about lack of the pricelist. I am sure everyone would agree with me upon the matter that it is important to know the price before buying a product or service. Meanwhile, I can recommend using as long as the service is trustworthy. Everything is excellent about it – the policy of price, the quality of paper, the interaction with writers, support team. Besides, you can always ask for the exact same writer to do your task next time too. Its task is to help people but not to sell them stuff or in this particular case, services. There is a difference in-between and it is huge. I believe everyone would agree with me upon this issue.

Quality of paper

It would be better and easier to read the feedbacks if they stood still because it is rather difficult to read when they messages are moving changing one another. It sets chaos inside my mind. I would want to relax and read at a leisurely pace. The feedbacks are all good. For me, it has always been a bit suspicious because there is nothing as perfect in this world as some might say it to be but good for them if they really are that good.


The service looks promising but it would be nice if there were this one element of trust called pricing list so there was no surprise after receiving your assignment and noticing how pricy it actually was to applied for help on here and get your paper done. In addition, I would make a few changes of the design. I think it could have been better with the idea in general and a color-palette in particular. Overall, I hope that this website review was help for people on their ways to successfully done papers and will be helpful in future with their choice upon where to go get helped. A service purchasing decision should be made after thinking thoroughly.

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